Milestone KPE

Our FOCUS is on You

Business to Business Provider of Camera Repair Watch Repair RL Services

Manufacturing & Engineering Division

  • Experience in Consumer, Energy, Defense related products & Industries. 
  • SKD (Semi KnockDown) partial assembly to minimize import duties & create to help create American jobs in addition to full-Scale product assembly and manufacturing. 
  • Reverse Engineering and product flaw discovery services including ECM & ECO related direction and management.
  • 3D Parts printing for prototype and small batch orders.

Business Services Division

  • In-Field Asset Recovery Services.
  • Sales Development, Wholesale & Retail.
  • Accounting Services.
  • ​Mobile Notary Services.
  • Niche & relationship based Reverse-Logistics Services.
  • General Business Consulting Services.
  • Recycling services with COD (Certificates of Destruction) through R2 certified Company.

Product Sales

Milestone was established because we realized that no business can be the best at everything, all of the time. We specialize in providing niche solutions that no others offer in an affordable, quality oriented and very efficient manner. We provide services that many others do not care to do, and instead of saying that we cannot do we choose to prove that we can do by continuously building upon our experience, creativity, loyalty, integrity, reputation and faith. Instead of being strictly profit or volume driven our main goal is to build lasting relationships between us and those we serve, That's why at Milestone our true Vision is You.

Thank You for spending some time with us. Please view our other pages to gain a greater understanding of who we are and what we do.

​​Repair Services Division

  • Consumer products repair including: Watches, Televisions, Cameras, GPS, Audio, Communications, Power Tools, Video & more.
  • On-site or off-site product repair services and management.

We are your Asset Recovery Notary 3D parts printing  Repair RL Reverse-Logistics Watch Repair Camera Repair

Making sure that you get the quality service and attention that you deserve.

We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of you as though you were our closest family. You can rest assured that our team will act with the highest level of integrity, were committed to providing you with top notch products, services & support.